Carrot (Danvers)

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Carrot (Danvers)
Planting Season: Mar-1 to Aug-31
Growth Time: 75 days
Seed Needed: 1.25 grams/plot
Harvest Yield: see below
Selling Price: $0.44 per lb

The Carrot (Danvers variety) is a type of root vegetable that grows best in loose, sandy soil, and tolerates cold weather well.


The Danvers variety of a carrot is one of the four major types of Western carrots, developed in 1871 in the United States.

Carrots can be either be harvested young as "baby carrots", medium-sized for the "fresh market" (whole carrots), or large-sized for "processing" (e.g. canned chopped carrots).


Prepare Ground[edit]

  • Ground must be tilled (action: plow)
  • (Optional) Apply Compost if the soil quality is Fair/Poor (action: fertilize)
  • (Optional) Apply 1.3 oz of Potash fertilizer (action: fertilize)

Planting and Important Dates[edit]

  • Day 0: Seed by planting 1.25 grams of seeds 3-4 inches apart in rows (action: plant)
  • Day 30-40: Thin the seedlings 3 inches apart (action: prune)
  • Day 40-50: (Optional) Apply 1 oz of Urea (NPK 46-0-0) fertilizer (action: fertilize)
  • Day 65-90: Harvest (action: harvest)


  • Watering:
  • Days 1-21: Must water a minimum of once per 3 days
  • Days 22+: Must water a minimum of once per 7 days
  • Weeding: Must weed a minimum of once per 7 days

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

See Carrot Research
See Carrot Calculations

Growth Rate[edit]

The maximum amount of crop that can be collected ("Harvest Yield") depends on the date it is harvested.

Here is the default selling price:

  • Topped Carrots: $0.44 per pound (wholesale)
Day Comment 100% Yield
100% Yield
Crop Quality Estimated
Selling Price
Day 0 Planting Photo
Day 14 Germination Photo
Day 28 2" Seedling Photo
Day 35 3" Seedling Photo
Days 50-64 Baby Carrot (0.25-0.75") 10 lbs 10 lbs Good $4.4/Plot Photo
Days 65-79 Fresh Carrot (0.75-1.5") 20 lbs 13.2 lbs Good $8.8/Plot Photo
Days 80-99 Processing Carrot (1.5+") 30 lbs 15 lbs Good $13.2/Plot
Days 100-119 Processing Carrot (1.5+") 27 lbs 13.5 lbs Fair $11.88/Plot
Day 120+ Inedible

Penalties and Bonuses[edit]

Soil Quality (at time of planting)[edit]

  • Fair soil: -10% harvest yield
  • Poor soil: -40% harvest yield

Weather Events[edit]

  • Hard Frost (-2°C): -50% harvest yield per day
  • Hail Storm: -50% harvest yield per day


  • Out of season: -40% harvest yield, if turnip seeds were planted outside of the recommended season
  • Wilted plants: -20% harvest yield for each day not watered past the deadline (3 days)
  • Weed penalty: -5% harvest yield for each day not weeded past the deadline (7 days)
  • Overgrown: -30% harvest yield for failing to thin/prune turnips


  • Fair fertilizer use: +20% harvest yield
  • Excellent fertilizer use: +33% harvest yield