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Welcome the NUF Garden Simulator Wiki!

The setting of our "Garden" is in a fantasy setting with a climate similar to Manchester, UK. For current temperature and rainfall in Manchester, UK, see here.

The official time zone is Japan Time (GMT+9).

Current Inventory[edit]

  • Money: (see most recent forum post)
  • Seeds: (see most recent forum post)
  • Fertilizer: (see most recent forum post)
  • Garden Shed:

Crops Inventory[edit]

Spring Crops[edit]

Summer Crops[edit]

Autumn Crops[edit]

Winter Crops[edit]

Future Expenditures Needed[edit]

  • Winter - It will cost $1000/plot to cover it with a greenhouse ($25/square foot).
  • Next Spring - It will cost $25/plot to cover it with 4" of compost, which is necessary to regenerate soil quality.