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Example of Selling Price fluctuations

In the NUF Garden Simulator, Selling Price is the amount (in US dollars) that crops sell for per pound.

Different crops have different "Selling Prices", and the prices may fluctuate.

Game Mechanics[edit]

How To Sell Crops[edit]

Players have two options when they have harvested crops and wish to sell it:

  • "Easy" mode: Sell all crops instantly at the listed price on the wiki page for each crop.
  • "Advanced" mode: Locate a distributor online and sell a limited quantity at a custom price.

The advantage of "easy" mode is that it is simple. The advantage of "advanced" mode is that you can get better prices and profits.

Crop Quality[edit]

Harvested crops can have Good, Fair, or Poor quality.

Crops that were harvested at non-ideal times or were stored for too long will have reduced quality (see individual crop wiki page).

Crop quality affects the price that the crops can be sold for:

  • Good quality: +0% bonus to selling price
  • Fair quality: -20% penalty to selling price
  • Poor quality: -40% penalty to selling price

Storing vs. Selling Crops Immediately[edit]

The prices of crops can fluctuate significantly on a weekly basis.

Sometimes it may be advantageous to store a crop instead of selling it immediately. See the Storage article for more details.

Advanced Mode[edit]

In advanced mode, you can search for prices per lb of a crop online. A price tag you find online is valid if:

  • The listed price is current and no older than 3 months old (e.g. can't use prices from 2016)
  • The listed price uses a currency of US dollars
  • The listed price is for the correct product (e.g. turnip greens are different from whole turnips)

Distributor Types[edit]


Wholesale vs. Retail distributors

Wholesale Distributors[edit]

Wholesale distributors buy large volumes of crop produce and sell them to retail stores.

In NUF Garden Simulator, you can sell unlimited amounts of crops instantly to wholesale distributors.

Examples of wholesale distributors include terminal markets. The USDA reports on the daily prices at terminal markets of major US cities.[1] The Easy Mode prices are derived from here (whenever @lychee checks them).

Farmer's Markets[edit]

Farmers markets are places where farmers can sell crops directly to consumers.

In NUF Garden Simulator, you can sell a maximum of 3 Plots worth of one type of crop per day to a single farmer's market. Crops that are not sold immediately must be stored.

You can find a list of farmer's markets with their daily prices on the USDA website.[2] You are welcome to search for prices at other farmers markets anywhere in the world, so long as the prices reported are in US dollars.


Some supermarkets have supplier agreements with local farms.

In NUF Garden Simulator, you can sell a maximum of 1 Plot worth of one type of crop per day to a single retail store. Crops that are not sold immediately must be stored.

You can find supermarket/retail prices anywhere on Google. Please multiply the listed retail price by 0.75 to obtain the the price the supermarket is willing to pay for our crops.

For example, if the sticker price for carrots at my local supermarket is $0.88/lb, we are able to sell our carrots to the supermarket for $0.66/lb.

Organic vs. Inorganic Crops[edit]

Some distributors will sell organic vegetables at a higher price than normal crops.

If you wish to sell harvested crops at an organic price, be sure that the harvested crop is actually organic. This means that:

  • No chemical fertilizer was used (e.g. Urea, Potash)
  • No insecticide was used, etc.


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  2. USDA Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Market and Auction Reports