Turnip (Purple Top)

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Turnip (Purple Top)
Planting Season: Mar-1 to May-15
Aug-1 to Oct-15
Growth Time: 55 days
Seed Needed: 1 gram/plot
Harvest Yield: see table
Selling Price: $1.07 per lb (greens)
$0.60 per lb (roots)

The Turnip (Purple Top variety) is a type of root vegetable that grows best in cold weather.


The "Purple Top White Globe" is a heirloom vegetable that is the most common variety of turnip. It is has a "spicy" pungent taste.

Gardeners harvest Purple Tops when they are young, which is when they are still tender. As they grow larger, they become bitter, hard, and poorly suitable for human consumption. In supermarkets, the greens and roots of turnips are often sold separately.

Purple Tops are very effective livestock feed. In fact, the most common commercial use for Purple Tops is as forage and livestock feed in the fall/winter. Turnips are grown to larger sizes when they are intended for animal forage.


Prepare Ground[edit]

  • Ground must be tilled (action: plow)
  • (Optional) Apply Compost if the Soil Quality is Fair/Poor (action: fertilize)
  • (Optional) Apply 1.3 oz of Potash fertilizer (action: fertilize)

Planting and Important Dates[edit]

  • Day 0: Directly plant 1 gram of seeds 1 inch apart in 18 inch rows, and cover with 1/2 inch soil (action: plant)
  • Day 17-25: Thin the seedlings 4 inches apart. Produces 5 lbs of crop waste. (action: prune)
  • Day 27-35: (Optional) Apply 1 oz of Urea fertilizer (action: fertilize)
  • Day 40-69: Harvest (action: harvest)


  • Watering: Must water a minimum of once per 7 days
  • Weeding: Must weed a minimum of once per 7 days

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

See Turnip Research
See Turnip Calculations

Growth Rate[edit]

The maximum amount of crop that can be collected ("Harvest Yield") depends on the date it is harvested.

The root of the turnip (aka. "Turnip") is sold separately from the greens (aka. "Turnip Tops"), and they fetch different prices on the market. There is no crop waste.

  • Turnip Root: $0.60 per pound (wholesale)
  • Turnip Tops: $1.07 per pound (wholesale)
Day Comment Turnip Root
100% Yield
Turnip Greens
100% Yield
Crop Quality Estimated
Selling Price
Day 0 Planting
Day 4 Germination Photo
Day 21 Seedlings Photo
Day 30-39 1" bulbs 4.3 lbs 8.6 lbs Fair $10.6/Plot Photo
Day 40-54 2" bulbs 8.7 lbs 17.4 lbs Good $23.84/Plot Photo
Day 55-69 3" bulbs 13.1 lbs 26.2 lbs Good $35.89/Plot Photo
Day 70-84 4" bulbs 17.5 lbs 35.0 lbs Fair $43.16/Plot Photo
Day 85-99 5" bulbs 26.2 lbs 52.4 lbs Poor $43.07/Plot Photo
Day 100+ Inedible (Animal feed only) Photo

Penalties and Bonuses[edit]

Soil Quality (at time of planting)[edit]

  • Fair soil: -10% harvest yield
  • Poor soil: -40% harvest yield

Weather Events[edit]

  • Hard Frost (-2°C): -50% harvest yield per day
  • Hail Storm: -50% harvest yield per day


  • Out of season: -40% harvest yield, if turnip seeds were planted outside of the recommended season
  • Wilted plants: -20% harvest yield for each day not watered past the deadline (7 days)
  • Weed penalty: -5% harvest yield for each day not weeded past the deadline (7 days)
  • Overgrown: -30% harvest yield for failing to thin/prune turnips


  • Fair fertilizer use: +20% harvest yield
  • Excellent fertilizer use: +33% harvest yield